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Yulia's Offerings

Yulia believes that Yoga is all about community and offers a variety of yoga classes designed for all levels.


Yulia has been involved in the local wellness community over the last decade and offers a variety of classes and workshops at Community Yoga Cochrane. She feels passionate about supporting people on their journey of finding balance in their life, to release limiting patterns and beliefs and to create a joyful and authentic life for themselves. Her current offerings include Gentle Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga Nidra Meditation, Shamanic Healing Modalities and more. 

Group Events


October 4th/ 5th: Elevate Cochrane 

11:30am & 1:30pm Intention Setting Workshop 

October 16th: 7pm Yoga Nidra & Soundbath with Sandy Mulroy

October 25th: 3pm-5pm Gratitude Workshop with Dr. Stefani Scottaline

More info coming soon!  


November 7th & 8th: "Commit to yourself" Weekend Retreat with Sandy Mulroy. More info coming soon! 

November 15th: Shamanic Workshop with Andrea Pelletier. More info coming soon! 

November 22nd: 3pm-5pm Create your morning routine with Dr. Stefani Scottaline. More info coming soon! 


December 11th: 7pm Soundbath & Yoga Nidra Meditation with Sandy Mulroy 

December 20th: 3pm-5pm Intention setting workshop with Dr. Stefani Scottaline. More info coming soon! 

Private Offerings

Learn how to meditate One-On-One Sessions 

These private lessons are offered at the studio, at your home or via Zoom




Discover tools and techniques to create your own meditation practice. Benefits of mindfulness meditation include stress and anxiety reduction, elevated mood, enhanced self awareness, longer attention span, feeling more grounded & so much more.  


Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation One-On-One Sessions 

These private sessions are offered at the studio, at your home or via Zoom





Yoga Nidra is an ancient deep meditation that supports you physically, emotionally and mentally to release stress and to move into a deeply relaxed theta brainwave state. This practice allows you to connect with your subconscious mind and offers an opportunity to release limiting beliefs which might not serve you anymore (often developed in childhood). The practice of Yoga Nidra includes guided imagery and aspects of visualizations which supports you in manifesting the life you wish to create for yourself. 


To find out more or to register for a private sessions or group events please contact Yulia at or connect at 403.816.1531.

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