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The magic that happens when people come together and support each other. To feel inspired by one another to be the best person we can be. For each of us to share our unique gift to make this world a little more special.


Explore the basics of Yoga in this Beginners Class and learn about alignment, breath and postures. This class offers lot's of support and modifications, so you feel comfortable developing a Yoga practice that suits your body and needs. 


A restorative Yoga class to let stress melt away and deeply recharge. The first part of this offering is a very gentle Yoga practice. Once deeply relaxed you will be guided into a Nidra Meditation. This technique includes a full body relaxation and guided imagery. 


Explore all aspects of a well rounded yoga practice including breath work and meditation. This class focuses on supporting each student and their individual needs. A deeply therapeutic and gentle practice. 


   A vibrant and energizing Flow Yoga class. Explore balance, strength, breath awareness and flexibility. Transition mindfully from pose to pose while linking breath with movement.  A well rounded class leaving you feel balanced & energized for your day! 


SATTVA Yoga enjoys equal parts of physical postures, breathing and meditation to produce a very well-rounded, holistic approach to the practice of Yoga. It has many modes to suit every level of practitioner. The first part of this class offers lot's of active movement including sun salutations. 


This pre/ postnatal class was created with the intention of mothers supporting expecting women throughout their pregnancy and journey into motherhood. After the birth of her baby, and in her own time the new mother can return to this class supporting the newly expectant mothers, creating a full circle of support and connection.


Explore how Breath, Yoga, Pilates, Mindful Movement and Meditation relates to the fascia. Experience how healthy fascia generates ease and efficiency in all the ways you move. Feel the difference when you use small release balls . Fascia is our 3D connective tissue. It weaves, covers and connects skin, muscle,. organs, bones and cells. Join Barb to get your whole body covered with goodness. 


The first part of this class is a steady paced Yoga flow. It includes sun salutations, balancing, back- and forward bends. Poses can be modified to each student's ability level.  The second part of this class is a slower paced,  yin style approach. Poses are held longer and are typically in a seated posture or held while laying on the mat. 


Become fully present and connect with your breath during this class. Opening the body and mind, as you're moving from pose to pose. Release physical and emotional tension while gaining strength and flexibility. Deeply relax and calm the mind in a guided meditation and full body relaxation at the end of the class. 


We're linking breath with movement while moving from pose to pose. This is a medium paced flow  class incorporating sun salutations, forward- and back bends, twists and more. Poses can be modified to every skill level. 


Cultivate connection with your breath and your baby during Mom & Cub Yoga. 

During this class we pair the breath with yogic movement, exploring the edges of shapes without pushing too far. We find strength as we embrace our body's tension, and find ease in letting-go. 

(for babes in arms and crawling) 


Come connect, play, strengthen, and learn with your loved ones in this family friendly class. All ages are invited, and we welcome your family, whatever it looks like. Emphasis will be on accessible yoga sequences and mindfulness, and serve-and-return style activities to strengthen family bonds. This is an LGBTQ2S+ welcoming and body-positive space.


A lusciously slow paced class to take a break in the middle of your day. The gentle sequences are designed to help you calm the nervous system, and to release physical and emotional tension. This class is great for everybody, no previous yoga experience required. 


Vinyasa Flow is a juicy, dynamic class syncing breath with movement. Fundamentals of mobility, strength, flexibility and relaxation are all merged within a one hour long practice. Marni provides modifications or added challenges to ensure your unique body and experience is supported. 


Start your weekend with this balancing Yoga class. The first part of the class is a more active practice incorporating sun salutations, back- forward bends and twists. The second part of this class is slower paced and restorative, for an opportunity to deeply relax & restore. 


This vibrant and well balanced lunch yoga class supports you in finding strength, balance and flexibility. Feel energized and recharged for the rest of your day. 


Join Annalise for a vibrant morning yoga class. Connect breath with movement, while moving from pose to pose.  Stretch, find your strength and feel well balanced. This class is suitable for all levels and modifications are offered.


Through its focus on alignment, Iyengar yoga helps you strengthen the muscles of the body responsible for posture, like the legs, back and core. With minor adjustments to improve alignment, the small muscles that are often ignored become stronger. Poses are held longer, and props are often used to support students during this practice. Ruth has over 20 years of experience teaching Iyengar Yoga. 



Counteract the effects of our busy fast paced “yang” lifestyles by inviting in some “yin”. 

This gentle class is accessible for every yogi and a beautiful compliment to any practice. 

Slow, intentional movements with postures supported and held for longer times allow for relaxation of the muscles and a deeper accessing of the yin tissues of the body. Through our breath work and inviting stillness, we foster a calming meditative state that creates space for acceptance both on and off the mat. 


This gentler type of class is an excellent introduction to engage the core in a safe environment for your body. It teaches the foundations of breath, alignment and inner/ outer core. The class offers lot's of attention to alignment and modifications for those with limitations and injuries, or arthritic joints. It is suitable for all skill levels. To sign up for this registered series contact sunshine.physiotherapy@gmail.com or call 403.981.1991


This is a more advanced class for students that have previously taken Physic-Yoga Fusion. The class challenges students to work on core strength, flexibility, balance and agility. There is also a relaxation component to balance the spice of the class. To sign up for this registered class contact sunshine.physiotherapy@gmail.com or call 403.981.1991.


You're moving through a gentle Flow from pose to pose, connecting movement with breath. A great class after a long day to stretch & relax. It supports to calm the nervous system and prepares you for a good night sleep. This class is suitable for everybody. 


Kundalini yoga is an invigorating class filled with music, breath, exercise sets called kriyas, meditation and relaxation. This class is about experiencing your excellence and fullest potential at any level of your yoga practice. Every class is different and unique.

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New To Yoga

Beginning your Yoga journey is exciting. Community Yoga Cochrane is a welcoming and safe environment for you to get started. You will find information about all our classes, teachers and pricing on this website. Please don’t hesitate to contact Yulia at 403 816 1531 (or communityyogacochrane@gmail.com) if you have any specific questions about how to find the right class. Our friendly and supportive teachers are happy to connect with you before or after class about any questions you might have. 


3 steps to prep for class: 


- Make sure to wear comfortable clothing (doesn’t have to be specific yoga clothing)

- Bring your yoga mat or borrow one at the studio at no charge

- Arrive at least 10 minutes early to find a spot for your mat and to settle in. This is especially important if you didn’t use the online system to sign up for the class.


You might want to bring a water bottle. 


Can’t wait to meet you at Community Yoga Cochrane!  


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