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Yulia Sauter, E-RYT 500

I feel deeply passionate about creating an inviting and safe space for my students, and to support them in letting go of their hectic life and busy schedule for a while.

It's beautiful to see how people release physical and emotional tension during yoga classes, and how the body and mind gently restores.  

I enjoy incorporating principles of mindfulness in my offerings, to support students in being truly present and to connect with their breath. 

I was never just drawn to the physical aspects of yoga when I began to practice over a decade ago, but felt truly amazed by the emotional and mental benefits that yoga and meditation have to offer.  

My ongoing studies included Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Nidra and Mindfulness Meditation.

Denise Brochu, B.Sc.PT, B.Sc.P.E., M.C.P.A.

I first began practicing yoga around 2000 after my dear teacher, Dr. Steven Aung,

who taught me Traditional Chinese Acupuncture at the U of A, Qi gong and the spirituality of Buddhism, encouraged me to start yoga and to be my best at it. This would allow myself and my community to be a better place, as this was my duty and calling (Darma and Karma).

Through my physical education degree, physical therapy degree and many sports medicine courses and competency exams I have the highest order in Physio as a diploma holder in Canada. 

Yoga has a long, long lineage of learning from teachers and passing that wisdom down to our future generation. As a teacher I am responsible to facilitate these teachings in a SAFE, responsible and intelligent manner. In my classes we follow the Eight limbs of yoga incorporating Yama's (no harm to oneself), Asana (discipline of the physical practice), Pranayama (control and use of the breath), Dharana (Concentration)  and Dhyana (Meditation).


The spiritual practice and your connection to a higher source is your own personal journey, if you so choose to.

Brianna Sharpe (RYT-200, B.A., B.Ed, M.Ed)

 “Yoga is not whether you can touch your toes; it's about what happens on the way down” (Judith Hanson Lasater). Since I did my first yoga class in Toronto almost twenty ago, yoga has brought about so many “happenings” within me.


Through a variety of careers such as wilderness instructor, dog-sled guide, and high school teacher, yoga has been like a quiet and committed friend, supporting the transitions. After my kids were born, however, I began to look to my yoga and mindfulness practice for solace in my busy, caffeinated, sleep-deprived life.


While on mat leave from my teaching job, I completed my 200 hour teacher training with Mandorla Yoga; this has allowed me to focus on offering a gentle flow practice that is inclusive, accessible, anatomically informed, and fused with mindful awareness. Our bodies are our our stories, and we have the chance to write them newly every time we honour ourselves in movement.


I have learned from some amazing people, though my two young kids remain the best Zen masters and yoga teachers:) My classes are always body-positive and welcoming to the LGBTQ2S+ community!


Brittany Carson

Ever since I can remember, I have gravitated towards pregnancy and motherhood. I am fascinated with the creation of life and in awe with the raw power of the female body.


My passion is to empower moms, and moms to-be to trust in the intuition and wisdom of their minds and bodies throughout the sacred journey of motherhood. 


Brittany is an aspiring Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pre- and Post natal Yoga teacher, Yoga Nidra and Meditation teacher, Critical Alignment Yoga Therapy Teacher as well as a Postpartum Doula. 

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Lynne Marshall

Having a career in health and wellness and a massage therapy background, I am continuously amazed at the magnificence of the human body, mind and spirit. I am an advocate for tuning in and listening to the innate wisdom within each of us. 


I completed my 200hr Yoga Alliance Certified YTT at Yoga Santosha with the original intention of deepening and strengthening my own personal practice. Somewhere throughout my training a shift took place that left me compelled to share the gifts I had learned. I found a love for yoga philosophy and an authenticity within myself and my own practice. I continued on to complete a 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Santosha in 2017.   

I am passionate about encouraging others to create their own authentic health by nurturing safe spaces to explore, inviting connections, and offering loving acceptance. Always honored and humbled, I am eager to share and learn together as students of life.


Jen Ivison

I have been wandering the world of Wisdom Traditions for 15 years. Yoga with the beginning of a journey that would turn my world upside down in the most wonderful of ways. 

For me, it has been the great alchemy that turns dark into light, extremes to balance, fragmentation to whole, and everything to nothing and back again. In the course of my Quest, I have traversed the worlds of Ashtanga, Hatha, Karma and Hidden Language, Yin and SATTVA Yoga, 600 hours of Yoga Teacher Training, Zen, The Tao Te Ching, and more hours that I could ever count in Mindfulness and Meditation.


A pivotal moment was meeting my Teacher, Rameen, when I moved to Canmore in 2009. Although I love all the different paths yoga can express, the SATTVA practice captures (and frees!) my heart and mind the most. I deeply respect the essence of the concept 'To whom much is given, much is required', and I endeavour to honour and share this precious art to the best of my ability. 

Jen has been sharing yoga for 15 years and is a senior teacher with the SATTVA School of Yoga. 


Jess LeBlanc

Jess embodies both the Spiritual and Science based practices of Yoga.


She aims to integrate asana, meditation, mind-body medicine, visualization, philosophy, functional movement and somatic awareness as modalities for deeper connection and positive energy flow. 


Jess teaches a movement practice that is fluid and dynamic, encompassing healing both the anatomy / physiology of the body as well as one's relationship to Self. 

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Melody Larsen

It is my passion for music & love for singing, and meditating through the use of mantra that brought me to Kundalini Yoga.  I was mostly interested in the personal growth that the teacher training would bring me.  I had no idea of the fire that it would ignite in me, or how much gratitude these teachings would bring to my life, altering its course forever!  


We all know that meditation is very beneficial for us, yet most of us have a hard time stilling the mind.  That is why I love this system of yoga, as it brings in the sound vibration of mantra in, which gives your mind something to do.  Research has shown that not only does singing enhance your mood and bring you into a state of joy - but it can also relieve pain, reduces stress and helps you to relax.  Who doesn’t need more of that in their life?


I am deeply passionate about bringing these teachings forth and providing a sacred space where people can enhance their daily lives through chant as a way to bring about healing to the mind and body. Integrating wholeness and bringing balance to their daily life.

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Carol Tapsay RYT200

After 10 years of practicing yoga, exploring many styles along the way, I often felt that I needed to modify many poses for my body shape and injuries. 


When in 2016 a career change opened the way for me to take a 200 Hour Teacher Training with the South Okanagan Yoga Academy, I was called to teach beginners and especially those who feel they aren’t suited to yoga as they felt it couldn’t be suited to them. 


I am passionate about making this practice accessible to all by offering many modifications and focusing on slow, mindful movement so all students are allowed to move with ease.  


Dr. Stefani Scottaline, D.C

I teach Kundalini yoga because it has always been a fun, unique and powerful experience. A mantra I use in class and everyday life is “Keep Up and Be Kept Up!”


As a chiropractor I have a vitalistic approach to health and wellness. Kundalini yoga and chiropractic hold this same philosophy that the body is designed to heal and be well.


I am excited to share these teachings that inspire greatness.


Ruth Martin

As I have always been passionate about fitness and healthy living, it seemed a most natural fit to become both a Teacher, and a life long student of Yoga.


My mentor is Margot Kitchen, who is a Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher with many years of experience. I have also studied with many other senior Iyengar Teachers like Shirley French, Jawahar Bangera and Father Joe. Ruth's teaching style is fun and focused, while paying special attention to alignment and careful sequencing. In addition to being an internationally-certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Ruth is also a lifelong student, always learning and improving her practice and teaching.

Through it's focus on alignment, Iyengar yoga helps you strengthen the muscles of the body responsible for posture like the legs, back and core. With minor adjustments to improve alignment, the small muscles that are often ignored become stronger. The use of props make this practice suitable for everybody. 


Ginette D'Entremont

My yoga journey started in Halifax at the Yoga Loft back in 2005 and has flourished into a way of life in the present.  What seemed like another fun way to get 'a workout' transformed into a healing, relaxing and grounding spiritual discipline.  I met yoga rather organically after my father passed away tragically in 2004 and found myself searching for a way to sooth my soul and mend.

I have been involved in the health and fitness industry since 2004 and always felt the need to push my body to the limits with body building, triathlons, marathons, etc.  Yoga helped me relax and rejuvenated my sore body with all the strenuous activities I put myself through.  Shortly after I gave birth to our beautiful boy Declan in 2016, something shifted and I felt the need to care for my inner being on a deeper, more spiritual level.  Although teaching is beautiful for my own purpose, and I continue to practice daily, it's not just about my health and well being anymore.

My purpose is to help create a community of students and friends that are emotionally and physically healthier, stronger and more balanced due to the connection with their practice and inner selves. Yoga lights the way to help us become more compassionate, more serving, more loving, more human and we can help others do the same. My extensive training was held on the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali where I completed my 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in Vinyasa Flow. 


I also have a passion and have studied Kids Yoga (having a wee toddler) Restorative Yoga and fun fitness inspired Flow. Every class I teach will assist you with your own practice and unlock new possibilities on your spiritual path. The intention we bring to the mat, yoga gifts back to you. 



Annalise Coles

Join Annalise to celebrate what the body can do, how peaceful the mind can be, and how full the heart can feel. 


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Barb Earle 

A Life Wide Open illustrates the climate Barb creates.  

Adventure,Growth and Joy describes a typical day for Barb. She views every experience as a learning platform. An opportunity for transformation. And encourages her clients to embrace the same outlook. 

She sees everyone as naturally, creative, resourceful and whole. And brings out the best in all she meets. Barb is passionate about the impact of connection and co-creation on our Mind, Body and Soul.

Barb is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach with a focus on Neuroscience Transformations, Fascial Stretch Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Reiki practitioner and a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.


Marni Richelle

Not a day goes by when I am not grateful to be able to do what I love for a living... Merging my love for yoga and wellness, travelling and meeting new people, living consciously and minimally and integrating and connecting with community. 


My journey to yoga began in high school and deepened on a solo journey at 18 to India, Nepal and Tibet. It was when my father passed away in a ski accident when I was 20 that yoga truly became an anchor in my life. My father played a huge role in encouraging me to travel, take risks and listen to that inner voice guiding me to be the best version of myself I could possibly be. After his death, it was and continues to be yoga that brings me peace. I can come to my mat each day to breathe, be present and connect to my own inner wisdom.  My fathers death is a driving force for the reason why I do what I do. Death teaches us just how unpredictable, precious and short life truly is. It taught me to LIVE.

My intensions both as a yoga instructor and human being on this earth is to foster community and create space for people to uncover and acknowledge their best selves. I believe that we all have something unique, and special to offer our community to make us stronger, wiser and more connected.  We are all walking on this crazy and beautiful journey called life... lets do it together.



Crystal River

Crystal takes a personal and individualized approach to teaching yoga, influenced by her own experience as both a student and practitioner. She received her formal training in India and has also studied at SSYC (Salt Spring Yoga Centre) in Canada, continuing to live her practice both on and off the mat in community.


A Karma Yogi by nature, her practice and offerings are in the spirit of selfless service to the greater good of the whole. The basis of her teaching philosophy is that yoga is a metaphor for life- a process of being awakened to a whole new way of being present through the unified power of the body, mind, heart and spirit connection.


The core of her teaching is remembering what is Sacred, expanding the concept of yoga as a physical discipline into the powerful therapeutic and spiritual dimensions. She is an ally on your journey, creating a container for healing and helping you find your way Home to Self (in the words of one of her favourite teachers Ram Dass- "We're all just walking each other home").


She provides you with tools to help you find your way back to health and back to Self, safe and sound. Crystal looks forward to serving you soon and healing together. Namaste 


Etoile Perreault

Yoga has always played a huge role in my life, creating presence and guiding me to connect with my inner self, even through times of resistance. I have been practicing yoga since I was 13 years old and teaching since 2009. 

Through educating others and assisting in the growth and development of their practice, I like to help my students create a more mindful and internally observant life in this externally based world.


“You cannot always control what happens on the outside, but you can always control what happens on the inside “ See you on your mat :)

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